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Hervey Bay Flyfishing in Hervey Bay

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Hervey Bay is a world-famous fly fishing destination. There's easy boat access to an expansive bay area between the mainland and Fraser Island with anglers travelling here from all over for the world.

There are numerous species available with the main targets being golden trevally on the sand flats, longtail tuna, queenfish, and black marlin in and around the bay, with barramundi and threadfin salmon found inside the straights between the Island and the mainland.



This one of the few destinations on the planet where black marlin can be caught free swimming on the flats however local knowledge is parramount here - this is one place where a good guide is worth every penny. 

There is an excellent boat ramp at Urangan / Hervey Bay marina however strong winds in the area can wip up a very unpleasant chop, and a great deal of the area becomes un-navigable at low tides so it's best to check with a local or your guide beforehand.




From a seasonal point of view Hervey Bay provides good fishing for most of the year with summer being the prime time for pelagis in the Bay and Golden Trevally on the flats.

The town of Hervey Bay is also a popular holdiday destination with plenty to offer the vistor, and all kinds of accommodation.

Faser Coast Airport on the outskirts of Hervey Bay is regularly serviced by Virgin Blue and Jetstar.

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