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Margaret River mouth has several good fishing spots including the headland and less accessible beaches and holes across the headland. In the months of May and June the waters are alive with large schools of Australian salmon on their annual spawning run. October to May is the prime period to flyfish for black bream and other esturine species. A four wheel drive vehicle will provide access many of the better spots - some of which invole rough tracks and driving on beaches. The better spots in the area produce consistant salmon, tailor, occasional mulloway, and a variety of smaller fish.   Two-wheel drive cars can access spots such as Cosy Corner to the south, or north to Smiths Beach. Prevelly Park is 8kms west of Margaret River has excellent fishing as well as snorkelling and swimming beaches. This spot has a good boat ramp that launches into a sheltered but reefy bay. Other nearby spots include Conto Springs, Yallingup, Injinup, Bunkers Bay, Eagle Bay, and the beach of Moses Rock road. The beach north of Sugarloaf is a productive spot. Hamelin Bay 30kms south of Margaret River has good camping and fishing.   Margaret River is a world class wine region - naturally all the needs of the traveller are well-catered for.

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