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Rottnest Island Flyfishing in Rottnest Island

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Rottnest Island is 15km west of Fremantle Harbour. It has a multitude of options for shore and boat based fishing.  For the land-based, ferry access is from Hillarys on the northern beaches of Perth, Swan River, and Rous Head at Fremantle.  The ferry docks at Thompsons Bay on the east of Rottnest.

Herring are generally always available.  April to June sees good salmon around the western end of the island.  A variety of other species are available to the land based angler.


Offshore fishing is excellent around Rottnest and also at the Rottnest Trench 20km west of the island.

The island is visible on the horizon from most of the Perth coastline, so boat access is good.

Fishing in the lee of the island is possible in all but the worst weather.  There are plenty of anchorages around the island, and refueling at Thompsons Bay. 

The Trench is a long haul but worth it for the FADs that attract mahi mahi, marlin, and tuna, and deep fishing for samson fish and much more.


A landing permit is required - Rottenst is an A Class Reserve and is managed by the Rottnest Island Authority.

Accommodation is available on the island and Perth has International Airport.


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