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New South Wales Flyfishing in New South Wales

 Photo: © NSW Tourism

Welcome to New South Whales
The South East Seaboard of Australia is home to Sydney and it's famous Bondi Beach, the billfish mecca of Port Stephens and the small seaside town of Bermagui where Zane Grey pioneered big-game fishing in the early years.

The New South Whales coastline is dominated by long sandy beaches, rocky headlands and a myriad of quiet little seaside towns where fishing has been a way of life for generations.


Bays, rivers and rocky headlands
Inshore there are numerous rivers, lagoons and waterways that provide easy access to some great fishing, while offshore the continental shelf is only a short run by boat at some places.

It's here where anglers from all over the globe come to chase striped, black and blue marlin on fly or to target the migrating yellowfin tuna over the magical 100lb mark, but it's also in NSW where every year land-based anglers catch black marlin off the rocks. One is yet to be caught on fly from the shore ...



Locations map
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New South Wales map

New South Wales - Locations

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